Would you know what to do in a cardiac, breathing or first aid emergency? The right answer could help you save a life. With an emphasis on hands-on learning, our First Aid/CPR/AED courses give you the skills to save a life. All course options align with OSHA’s Best Practices for Workplace First Aid Training. Certification is issued upon successful completion.

We offer a the following :                                                   Length            Group Class                           Private Instruction
                                                                                                                ( pre-scheduled class )         ( 1 or 2 people at your location )

                   First Aid                                                                 3hr                     $50                                            $125
                   Adult / Pediatric - CPR & AED                            3hr                     $60                                            $150
                   Adult / Pediatric - First Aid, CPR & AED            5hr                     $75                                            $175
                   Supplemental Oxygen Administration             2hr                    $30                                               $50
                   Adult / Pediatric - First Aid, CPR, AED, &O2     6hr                    $90                                             $200

                                                     * All classes include blood born pathogens training

CPR Participants Manual - Free PDF

Scheduled Classes:                                                 Cost      Time                Location               

CPR / AED & First Aid