1. Follow this link to the Red Cross Training Page.  https://www.RedCross.org/Take-A-Class/digital-certificate

2. There are 3 search options. 

          A. By Email:Use the email address you used when you registered for class.   This is the most efficient method

              as your email is your unique identifier.

          B. By Name and Class Date:  You will need your First and Last name and the LAST date of class.

          C. By Certificate ID: Each Red Cross Certificate has a unique code on the bottom of it.  Employers can use this

              to verify that your certificate is valid.

3.  Select "Find"

4. Check the Check box that to the left of the certificate you want to view

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select either the Wallet Size or 11'' X 8.5" button.

6. Select "View and Print" or "Download"


Finding and Re-Printing you Lifeguard Certification