Prerequisites: Minimum age: 17 years by the last day of class
                          Swim 300 yards continuously using Freestyle & Breaststroke only.
                          Tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs.
                          Complete a timed event within 1 minute, 40 seconds.
                                   Starting in the water, swim 20 yards.
                                   Surface dive 7 to 10 feet to retrieve a 10-pound object.
                                   Return to the surface and swim 20 yards on the back to the starting point.
                                   Keep both hands on the brick and your face out of the water.
                                   Place brick on wall and exit pool without using the steps or ladder.

                          Demonstrate Instructor Level CPR and Rescue Skills on Day 1 of class

Passing Criteria: Students must meet the following criteria to pass the class
                         Take and pass all online classroom assignments before the first pool session

                         Participate in all Class activities
                         Complete all practice teaching assignments with proficiency

                         Pass all written tests with a minimum score of 80%
                         Show Instructor level skills in all rescue, First aid, and CPR skills

Needed for class: The following items will need to be brought to the first day of class
                         ARC Lifeguarding Instructor Manual (available on Red Cross Store

                         Guard Pack with Pocket mask

                         Swim suit (one piece for women, trunks for men)

                         2 towels,

                         Goggles if needed for the swim test only

                         Change of clothes, comfortable athletic wear for classroom skills

                         Lunch or money for lunch (time will be provided for lunch each day, students may leave facility)

Items provided:  The following items will be provided by North Star

                         All training Equipment

                         Lifeguard Manual (PDF for online classroom, physical book for class days)

Training Schedule:

                        New Instructor                                                          Instructor Review

                                   September 7 - 9 - Frisco, TX                                                        September 22 - Southlake, TX (Sold out)

                                              Friday 9/7 - 9am-7pm                                                                       Saturday 9/22 - 8am-6pm

                                              Saturday 9/8 - 9am-7pm                                                    September 23 - Southlake, TX (Just Added)

                                              Sunday 9/9 - 9am-7pm                                                                     Sunday 9/23 - 8am-6pm

                                   November 30 - December 2 - Southlake, TX                           October 27 - Frisco, TX

                                              Friday 11/30 - 9am-7pm                                                                   Saturday 10/27 - 8am-6pm
                                              Saturday 12/1 - 9am-7pm                                                 November 17 - Frisco, TX
                                              Sunday 12/2 - 9am-7pm                                                                   Saturday 11/17 - 8am-6pm

                                   January 25 - 27 - Southlake, TX                                                  December 29 - Southlake, TX
                                              Friday 1/25 - 9am-7pm                                                                     Saturday 12/29- 8am-6pm
                                              Saturday 1/26 - 9am-7pm
                                              Sunday 1/27 - 9am-7pm

                                   February 8 - 10 - 27 - Lewisville, TX
                                              Friday 2/8 - 9am-7pm
                                              Saturday 2/9 - 9am-7pm
                                              Sunday 2/10 - 9am-7pm

                                   March 22 - 24 - Southlake, TX
                                              Friday 3/22 - 9am-7pm
                                              Saturday 3/23 - 9am-7pm
                                              Sunday 3/24 - 9am-7pm


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