Michael was so great about working with us and answering any questions we had regarding the course. It was easy to see he takes lifeguarding seriously, and he really cares about safety! Michael was a wonderful instuctor. I would recommend North Star and Michael to any person wanting to become lifeguard certified! I had such a great experience with this company!

- Meredith,  July 2016


This was a fantastic class! Mr. Nicholson has the best combination of teaching skills and presentation techniques that I've participated in!! His well balanced mix of seriousness and levity made the intense two day class very comfortable and enjoyable!! Gracias!

- Mike,  Jan 2016

I watched Michael do a great job teaching my potential employees with great care. He certainly knows how to work the details and still keep it fun.

- Elise Knox - City of The Colony

The instructors were fantastic, the course was very in-depth, and I feel as if it's thoroughly prepared for me to become a lifeguard.

- Samuel,  July 2015

Highly recommend this lifeguarding class to anyone looking to certify quickly. This was a fast paced comprehensive session and I came out the other end feeling prepared and well taught. Mr. Nicholson is a great instructor- being both knowledgeable and experienced. He also throws in some humor which helps lighten the class and helps the learning to stick. I'll definitely plan to re-certify in 2 years with North Star.

- Sheri,  January 2017

I came into this class as an already certified EMT, and expected just another crude CPR class followed by signing my name on a cert. I was pleasantly surprised- the instructor Michael was engaging and informative and the class left me more confident with my CPR/first aid and absolutely prepared for lifeguarding. If you are on the fence about where to get your lifeguard training DEFINATELY go with north star.

- Nathan,  June 2017